RT CH Birdelhund All The Way ‘Stella’ 27/07/2002 – 29/04/2015
My first Retrieving Trial Champion and my foundation bitch.

My prefix is Kuven and I’m registered with Dogs West. At the time of application, my dog was often referred to as the witch. Coven (meaning a gathering of witches) was an obvious choice. On application, various other spellings were submitted. KUVEN is what was approved by the ANKC and it is pronounced kuvv’n, as in ‘a gathering of witches’.

Dogs Australia (ANKC - Australian National Kennel Council)

Dogs West Member 6100032442 Please contact Dogs West to verify my membership. [email protected]

On average Kuven Labrador Retrievers breed, one, maybe two litters per year. I like a Labrador Retriever to resemble the breed standard. Physical soundness is very important. Why? So the dog will be able to do what the breed was meant to do. Strong working lines in the pedigree is a requirement, because it will enhance the natural instincts of the dog. It’s even better if the breeding dogs have proven themselves in the field as it shows that they have natural ability. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning of a litter. So a lot of effort goes into vetting the people that want the privilege of owning a Kuven Labrador Retriever puppy. Because it must be a very good home, that will last a dog’s lifetime.

Dogs West
Think about becoming a member of your state canine controlling body (Dogs West in Western Australia). Firstly, you will be able to compete in sanctioned canine events. Secondly, and most importantly, you can meet like minded people. All this just because you’re having fun with your dog. The sanctioned events include Retrieving Trials, Obedience Trials, Tracking Trials and various other disciplines, like Agility. Kuven Labrador Retrievers are all registered. To breed registered dogs membership it is a must.

Purebred Registers
What is the difference? There are two purebred registers available for purebred pedigree dogs.

Limited Register
Limited Register is used because breeders, in general, do not want to encourage irresponsible breeding by the buyers of their puppies. So what does this mean? You will not be able to compete in the show ring and you cannot register any progeny that you may breed. Most pet homes don’t care about showing. However, if you do breed from a limited register dog you will become known as a ‘back yard breeder’.

Main Register
This is the register that purebred breeding dogs are on, because without it, their progeny cannot be registered. If you wish to buy a dog on the Main Register, it can be arranged. However, it is up to the breeder to make that decision. It may involve an agreement with the breeder. In other words, you will need to discuss with the breeder why you want a Main Register dog. It might be because you want to breed yourself. If that is the case, the breeder may offer to mentor you, so you can develop the passion. It is important to do it right, because the health and well-being of the dogs is what really counts.

Registered Purebred Dogs
Whatever the register the purebred dog is on is not the most important issue. Why? Because at least it is a registered purebred dog. Compliance with the National Code of Practice of Responsible Dog Ownership is required of all Dogs Australia (ANKC) members. That means the breeder has carefully bred to ensure that health issues are not genetically inherited.

The breeder has carefully researched and selected the parents to compliment each other, therefore the inherited traits are mostly those that are the desired ones. There is a lot more detail that goes into breeding registered purebred dogs than just putting two dogs together to get puppies. Hours of studying pedigrees and watching how dogs behave are just the tip of the iceberg. It takes a great deal of dedication and passion in order to do what is best for the breed. If you would like to become a breeder yourself, having a mentor is advisable and start by getting a female puppy on Breeders Terms. Feel free to contact Kuven Labrador Retrievers.

Cross Bred Dogs
Cross bred dogs, what are they? Put simply, they are not purebreds. In order to have a purebred dog both parents have to be the same breed. Putting a Labrador Retriever to a Poodle will not give you a purebred dog. This is because both parents are NOT THE SAME BREED. You won’t find a cross bred like a Labradoodle listed on the ANKC website because it is not a Dogs Australia (ANKC) recognised breed. So you ask, ‘What is the problem’? Each registered breed has been developed for a purpose over a long period of time, with careful attention paid to the particular traits and attributes that are highly valued. Crossing two breeds may result in the inherited traits being in conflict. As a consequence, natural instincts, attributes and traits that are admired in each breed will be diminished or confused.

If you want a cross bred dog, look for a breeder on the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders or rescue one from a shelter. Either option is better than furnishing the pockets of an unscrupulous breeder.

Back Yard Breeders
Not all back yard breeders are bad news. There are a number of breeders that wish to do all the right things in regard to the welfare of their breeding stock and the puppies they produce. Members of Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders may cross different breeds, but do so with care and an understanding of the expected outcome. The best thing about them and the most important, is that members are inspected by vets on a regular basis and they are required to abide by a code of ethics, similar to requirements of Dogs Australia (ANKC) members.

However, there are the other back yard breeders. People that decide that their dog can have a litter without thinking it through carefully and without the knowledge required to breed healthy puppies. Unfortunately, it is often without any regard for well being for the puppies. In many cases, because it is considered a good money making exercise. As a result, the back yard breeder may demand an exorbitant price. The welfare of those dogs being bred may also be questionable. The breeders do not have to follow a code of ethics which includes a duty of care about where the puppies from such breeding’s go. There is no governing body that ensures appropriate health testing is carried out.

Labrador Retrievers are part of the Gundog Group
and Gundogs are fun dogs 

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