Breeder's Terms

Breeders terms, what are they? An agreement made between a puppy buyer and a breeder. The buyer gets a puppy, usually for free, and the breeder takes a litter from her when she is old enough to do so. It is important to understand that these agreements may vary from breeder to breeder.

Choice with ten puppies on board The ‘Choice’ litter of ten, 5 boys and 5 girls

As the Carer, you are given a bitch puppy (Bitch) that is carefully selected by the Breeder. Therefore the puppy chosen is the best prospect to breed on with. In other words, pick of the litter. At eight weeks of age, or on possession of the puppy, a contract is signed by both parties (Breeder and Carer).

The expectations of the carer:

  • ​A carer is expected to and entitled to treat the bitch as if she were owned by the Carer.
  • The Carer is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the bitch, including training, feeding, vaccinating and vetting as and when required etc.
  • As the bitch matures her seasons must be closely monitored. The Carer must notify the Breeder when she comes in season and ensure that she is safe and not accidently mated.

The expectations of the breeder:

  • Once the bitch has reached twelve months of age, the Breeder will arrange, in consultation with the Carer for her breeding tests to be done (including x‐rays and DNA if required) at the Breeder’s expense.
  • The bitch will be bred at her first season after the age of eighteen months, although this can be flexible to suit both the Carer and the Breeder.
  • When the time comes for the bitch to be mated the Breeder will be notified of her coming into season by the Carer and the Breeder will arrange to take her to the stud.
  • If the bitch fails to conceive a second attempt will be made at her next season in consultation with the Carer. Should that also fail, a third attempt will be made at a time agreeable to both the Carer and the Breeder.
  • A week before the bitch is due to whelp, in consultation with the Carer, she will come to live with the Breeder to settle into the environment ready for the birth of the litter.
  • When the puppies are around six weeks old the bitch will be returned to the Carer.

Should the bitch be injured or unwell:

  • while in the care of the Breeder it would be the Breeder’s responsibility to cover any required veterinary expenses.
  • while in the care of the Carer it would be the Carer’s responsibility to cover any required veterinary expenses, unless the issue is related to the breeding process.

In the case of a death:

If the bitch were to die as result of any of the reproduction processes listed below. The Breeder will cover all associated costs. The bitch would be either replaced with either a new puppy (obligation free) or payment to the same value.

  • the initial health checks to determine her suitability to breed
  • the mating
  • the pregnancy
  • the whelping of the litter
  • the raring of the litter (up until the puppies are 12 weeks old)
  • or any other issue that may be directly associated with having the litter.

Should the Carer die, their next of kin will be given the option of continuing the contract. If they choose not to, the bitch is returned to the Breeder.

If the Breeder were to die while still the legal owner, the contract is terminated. The Breeder’s executor transfers legal ownership of the bitch to the Carer.

Termination of the contract occurs when:

  • The bitch is deemed unsuitable for breeding due to illness, injury or poor results from the breeding tests.
  • If the bitch fails to conceive after 3 attempts.
  • If a new contract is entered into for a subsequent litter and signed by both the Carer and the Breeder.
  • The registration of the litter is completed by the Breeder. The bitch is neutered at the Carer’s expense. The signed registration and microchip papers are lodged and the appropriate fees paid at the Carer’s expense.
  • The Carer will become the legal owner.

Upon termination the Breeder commits to transferring ownership of the bitch to the Carer. By signing the registration papers and the change of ownership for the microchip transfer once the bitch has been neutered. The Breeder cannot choose to keep the bitch or transfer her to a third party.

The breeders terms document must be signed by both parties once all the clauses are agreed upon.

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