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Special Dogs, why you ask. These two dogs each have had interesting journeys in their young life. Oscar has overcome an enormous health issue and had a great support group. Ebony has given her breeder an epic journey to be able to take a litter, taking many friends and also a great support group along for the ride. 

Kuven The Choice Was Made ‘Oscar’

February 3, 2020 –

Oscar was from the Choice litter. He was one of ten puppies that didn’t seem to be any different from his littermates. There was nothing to say he was a special dog and he went off to his lovely new home at the age of 8 weeks.

Even though he appeared to be in normal health sadly, this puppy was proved not to be the case.

As his breeder, no abnormalities were noticed. However, with a large litter sometimes things are missed. By scanning videos of the litter, after the health issue was revealed, evidence was found that showed Oscar had a problem when he was only 6 weeks old.

The focus then had to go to what was best for Oscar and his family.

Kuven Carbos Dansa ‘Ebony’

April 10, 2017 –

As the best future breeding bitch, Ebony was the puppy chosen in the Carbo litter. Raised and cared for by a wonderful family on 'Breeder’s Terms'. Ebony grew into a lovely dog with a great temperament. Her future as a brood bitch was exciting. This was not unusual or special.

As the time for her to be mated approached she was taken to the vet for a general health check and a progesterone test. She was found to have a salivary mucocele, which needed surgical repair, so she was not mated. The surgery went very well and Ebony was back to her playful self in no time.

The next time Ebony came in season the timing was too inconvenient, due to a planned holiday. When the 3rd opportunity to get this lovely girl mated arose everything seemed to be going to plan, but she never fell pregnant.

Because she lived with Oscar’s grandmother, ‘Chobie’, Ebony was tested for Neospora too. It was all part of the research study on the Choice Litter. Unfortunately, Ebony returned a positive result. So, after much thought and deliberation Ebony was mated and the Titan Litter came into being. This is why she is special.


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