Our Girls

RT CH Kuven Lincolns Lady of Success

April 2, 2020 –

A daughter of Keepa,
her sire is Fenway Lincoln (Imp UK) NRD.

Ditto is working well in Retrieving Trials, achieving her Retrieving Trial Champion title in March 2024.
Her retrieving training continues,
as we aim to be competive in
All Age and Championship events.

Ditto’s Pedigree  
Hips 1:2 Elbows 0:0
DNA tests – Skeletal Dysplasia 2 – CARRIER
ALL other tests Negative/Clear

Traits: Black carrying Yellow


Kuven Titans Dansa

November 13, 2020 –

Fergie a litter mate to Dodge.
A very special girl, she is from a complicated litter.
A daughter of Ebony and her sire is Mountgranite Titan.

Her temperament is delightful and the ability she has shown in retrieving is exciting. Retrieving Trials are high on the agenda for this girl and we are having so much fun in training. As her education continues she is showing a lot of promise.

Fergie’s Pedigree  Hips 4:3 Elbows 0:0

DNA tests – EIC – CARRIER ALL other tests Negative/Clear

Traits: Black carrying Chocolate 
Shedding (MC5R) shd/shd – two copies of the shd (mc5r) variant detected
Coat Composition CFA28 udc/udc – two copies of the double coat phenotype detected
Curly Coat positive for the r151w variant ic/ic – two copies of the curly coat (ic) phenotype

Absolut Sensation


Kuven Absolut Sensation

October 3, 2022 –

The youngest of our breeding bitches is Jessie.
A daughter of Fergie and her sire is
Sup Ch Blackboy Absolut Viktor

Her temperament is delightful.

She lives in a wonderful 'Breeder's Terms' home. 

Jessie’s Pedigree

Hips 2:5 Elbows 0:0
DNA tests – ALL tests Negative/Clear

Black carrying Chocolate and Yellow


If all goes to plan, Kuven Labrador Retrievers have an exciting future ahead.

Labrador Retrievers are part of the Gundog Group
and Gundogs are fun dogs 

Contact Details

Lyn Wise
Wundowie, WA, Australia
Email : [email protected]