Retired Dogs

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Dogs retired from either breeding and/or working are below.

Some of these dogs are no longer with us but their wonderful memories remain.
Each of these friends have left a paw print on my heart, because that is what dogs do.


RT CH Birdelhund All The Way
20/07/02 – 29/04/2015

Kuven Lasting Memories AARD
27/07/2007 – 01/01/2022

Kuven Spirit Of The Jewel RRD
12/03/2014 – 23/05/2021

Kuven Solitary Keepa NRD
08/04/2017 –


Old Dogs
Dogs become very special old friends. When retired they are often inclined to think that now they are collecting their super the rules of the house no longer apply. Before you let that annoy you, ask yourself two questions. Firstly, did the dog just ignore you? And secondly, did the dog actually hear you? As dogs age, their hearing may not be what it once was. This is particularly so, if they have worked under a gun most of their life. Their eyesight will also deteriorate. Other things to keep an eye out for as they age include arthritis, particularly if they have previously sustained an injury. Also any lumps or bumps that they may develop. In many cases these lumps may be harmless, but occasionally they are nasty. So, make sure that these special old friends are still regularly checked by your vet.

Our dear four legged friends are never with us long enough. There are usually signs that their time is nearing. Their age is only one of those signs. So, as your retired dogs grows old, enjoy every minute that you have with your special friend. One of the most important things we can do for our old dogs is to let them go and mostly they will tell you when it is time. It is a heart wrenching decision to make but, there is an end for all of us. Don’t be selfish and think you can’t do this, let’s try for a bit longer. It’s not about you. Be realistic and do what is best for the DOG, you owe them that much.

Pets Eternal Poetry & Readings

There are many beautiful poems that can be comforting when we have to say goodbye to our dogs.
My favourite is ‘A Brilliant Rainbow’ because it makes me smile and think of those special dogs every time a see a rainbow.

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