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Puppies are often hard to get, so be prepared to wait. They are not something that just happens to be the right age and sitting in a yard when you choose the time to look for one, although sometimes you may get lucky.

Be sure you want a puppy? It is a lot of work to grow a Labrador Retriever

Puppies of any Dogs Australia Registered Breed can be hard to source.
Hopefully the information below will help you.

Remember, a puppy is not a present or a surprise, it is a lifelong addition to your family.

Have you researched the breed?
Is now the the right time for you?
Are you sure you are prepared for the commitment?
Are you prepared to do the training?
Do you have a secure yard?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself long before you go onto a waiting list.

Black and Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

Labrador Retrievers come in only three colours: Black, Chocolate and Yellow.
Did you know that there is no such thing as a ‘Gold’ or ‘Golden’ Labrador? If a Labrador Retriever is not black or chocolate then it is YELLOW, regardless of the shade. The shade can vary from light cream to fox red, but is still a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

So when are Kuven Labrador Retrievers Puppies expected? I don’t have a waiting list. Applications will be open at the bottom of this page when I know that I may have puppies coming. I will post updates on my Facebook page.

Cost usually equals the stud fee. It is around $3,000. But can vary from breeder to breeder.

DogzOnline is the best place to look. It is Australia wide, as well as New Zealand. Only Dogs Australia (ANKC – Australian National Kennel Council) registered purebred dogs are on this website. You can also narrow your search by state. You may have to go on a waiting list, although that still doesn’t guarantee you a puppy.  Often there are many lovely applicants and just not enough puppies to go around. Then the breeder is faced with the decision of who shall get one. It is a terrible task when breeders have to disappoint nice people who offer really good homes.

If you get on a waiting list
Make sure that you are in regular contact with the breeder. Respond to any emails or messages in a timely manner. Meeting the breeder is a great idea if possible, because you will see how the dogs are kept. This also lets the breeder know that you really want a puppy. If your preference of colour or sex is ‘any’ or ‘either’ it will also increase your chances. It tells the breeder that you just want a Labrador Retriever.

Please also be mindful that breeders are not mind readers. If you say in your application that you will be happy with either sex (but really you want a female) the breeder may offer you a male puppy because there are not enough females to meet the demand. Be grateful you are offered a puppy!

I hope that is helpful, good luck!Puppy Applications Are Currently Closed


Puppy applications are currently closed

Labrador Retrievers are part of the Gundog Group
and Gundogs are fun dogs 


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