One litter wonders

These are special girls that are one litter wonders at Kuven, they were purchased as 8 week old puppies on Breeders Terms. Consequently, they went to wonderful family homes where they could get the time and attention they deserve. Most importantly, they have enabled Kuven Labrador Retrievers to expand the breeding program. There is the odd exception, on the other hand, where a bitch was sold unconditionally and has been leased back for a litter. During this journey, as an added bonus, the families who have these girls have become great friends along the way.

Kuven Majesticaldream – ‘Chobie’

Chobie was a daughter of Ruby and her father’s call name was ‘Chops’. When her owners were trying to come up with a name for her they ended up putting the parents’ names together, hence ‘Chobie’ using an ie instead of the y in Ruby.

Initially her owners could not agree to breeders terms. But after acquiring another girl, Ebony, on breeders terms, decided they would allow Kuven Labrador Retrievers to lease her and she became one of our one litter wonders.

Chobie was put to a dog named Ice, so became the Ice Litter. There were 7 puppies born, but sadly we lost a boy at day three. Chobie was a great mum, and the 6 remaining puppies did very well. One special puppy went on to become part of the breeding program on breeders terms. Choice was named by following the same example of combining the names of both parents.

Chobie’s Pedigree

25/03/2016 – 25/11/2020 Hips 6:6 and Elbows 1:0 DNA All Negative/Clear


Kuven Dansa Salsa NRD – ‘Sal’

Sal had two previous litters under the Lindenlake prefix and her final litter was under the Kuven prefix. It was a privilege to be able to lease her as a one litter wonder from the breeders that owned her. She produce 9 beautiful puppies. Kuven Carbos Helper – ‘Ned was one of them and Kuven Carbos Dansa – ‘Ebony’ was placed on breeders terms as a valuable asset to the breeding program.

Sal is a great specimen of the breed. A typical temperament, and a dream to live with. Her owners adored her and enjoyed attending and competing in retrieving trials. At the time that Sal was retired from trialling, she was competitive at the Restricted level. It was due to failing health of her owners that she could no longer compete in trials.

Sal’s Pedigree

Hips 2:2 and Elbows 0:0 DNA EIC & PRCD Clear March 31, 2011 –


Kuven Ice Dream Choice – ‘Choice’

Kuven Labrador Retrievers are very proud to have bred a dog of such quality. A one litter wonder, Choice is a typical Labrador Retriever that is full of personality and has great conformation. Although, sometimes naughty, because of the strong working lines behind her, she is adored by the family that had her on breeders terms.

In February 2020, Choice produced ten puppies, the largest litter we have ever had. Chino was chosen and placed on breeders terms as a valuable asset to our breeding program. However, due to our relocation from Victoria to Western Australia she was signed over to her owners without being bred.

We have taken semen from Teddy and Oscar so the breeding line will not be lost. Oscar’s amazing journey with Neosporsis has been given a dedicated page, under special dogs.

Choice’s Pedigree

February 25, 2018 – Hips 1:2 and Elbows 0:1 DNA All Negative/Clear


Kuven Carbos Dansa – ‘Ebony’

A daughter of Salsa. Her sire is National Retrieving Trial Champion Adderslot Carbo. Ebony has a wonderful temperament. She lives in a great home. As a result, of Choice having a puppy affected by Neosporosis Ebony was tested because she was my next bitch to breed. To our surprise, she tested positive which opened a whole new can of worms for Kuven Labrador Retrievers.

Her family named her Kuven Archies LuckychanceBecause they wanted to get started as registered Dogs Australia (ANKC) breeders and considered she was the ‘Lucky Chance’ to get them there . Under my guidance, after Millie’s first litter is raised, her family will be able to plan for another two litters of puppies.

In November 2021 Ebony produced 12 puppies, 4 of which were chocolate. One puppy, Mr Blue, had a cleft palate and was taken by the vet who chose to raise him. He has done very well considering the challenges and is now known as ‘Albie’. His sister is Fergie. She has been kept to breed on with as well as work in retrieving trials.

Ebony’s Pedigree

Hips 1:2 and Elbows 0:0   DNA All Negative/Clear April 10, 2017-


Kuven Archies Luckychance - 'Millie'

A daughter of Keepa. Her sire is a great grandson of Disco, so she has Kuven Labrador Retrievers on both sides of her pedigree. Millie lives in a great home and her owners have become breeders themselves. Kuven Labrador Retrievers were privileged to mentor them through the process. 

Millie's first litter (and only litter under the Kuven prefix) involved Millie's family having input into selecting a mate for Millie and her care through the pregnancy, birth and raising the litter. The family got an understanding of the necessary record keeping and the vetting of puppy buyers. Neither of which is an easy task. She was named Kuven Archies Luckychance, she was considered as the ‘Lucky Chance’ to get their breeding journey started. 

In April 2021 Millie produced 12 puppies that were sired by Tockatunga Im In Trouble RRD. The same sire as Paddy, a Ruby sone. One puppy, known as Missy was very ill at two weeks of age. With wonderful veterinary care she improved and was reunited with the litter. Unfortunately her illness damaged her kidneys. She became very close to our hearts with all the special attention she received. We got her through to 3 months of age before her quality of life deteriorated and she went off to sleep.

Millie’s Pedigree

June 7, 2019 – Hips 1:2 and Elbows 0:1  DNA All Negative/Clear


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