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Disco’s life, July 27, 2007 – January 1, 2022, was an adventurous one, with a legacy of three litters and a respectable career. A daughter of Stella, she was special right from the moment she was born. There was just something about her that said she was everything I wanted in a Labrador Retriever. At just 6 weeks of age she picked up her mother’s dinner bowl and brought it to me. As a result, she was here to stay.

Disco's Pedigree

Disco 11 weeks old Young Disco


Disco's breeding career consisted of 3 litters of 7 puppies
Kuven Dansa Salsa
March 31, 2011 -
Kuven Spirit of the Jewel
March 12, 2014 – May 23, 2021
Kuven Maple All Spice
November 23, 2014 -

Litter 1
The theme for this litter was ‘Dansa’. Each puppy was named after a dance. For instance, the names used were Salsa, Twist, Mambo, Polka, Tango, Boston and Charleston. As a first time mum, Disco instinctively adapted to motherhood. The litter consisted of 3 black dogs, 2 black bitches, 1 yellow bitch and 1 yellow dog. Salsa was the smallest and was very special right from the start. As a result, she had a retrieving career and litters ahead of her, because her owners were renowned in the retrieving fraternity. However, as a breeder, it was an honour to supply such a puppy and it also meant that Disco had made an impression in competition. Above all, it made her a worthy dam. Another first time experience for the breeder was exporting a puppy. As a result, the learning curve continued.

Litter 2
An attempt was made for a mating prior to litter two, but no puppies were conceived. So, during the planning of this litter it became obvious the future of the breeding program required another breeding bitch. Disco’s career and litters were considered and it was very carefully thought out. After selecting a sire, and everything going to plan the second litter arrived. It consisted of 5 yellow bitches and 2 yellow dogs. Using part of the sire’s name, the theme for this litter was ‘Spirit’. Therefore, we had names like ‘Spirit of the Game’ and ‘Spirit of the Jewel’. Ruby’s call name was chosen because not only is ruby a jewel, but it was also my grandmother’s name. The timing was also right to start another dog for retrieving competitions and it was Ruby, as Disco only required general maintenance training to continue her working career.

Litter 3
The third litter was a repeat mating of the second litter. It consisted of 4 yellow bitches and 3 yellow dogs. As the mating took place under the Maple tree the theme for this litter was ‘Maple’. Every puppy went to a lovely home. Some interstate to work in retrieving trials. As a result of three lovely litters it was time to say the breeding days are over. Consequently, Disco was to be de-sexed and we moved forward to the rest of a great retrieving career. As a bonus there would be no interruptions because of seasons.

Retrieving Career
Throughout her retrieving career there were many ups and downs and there were interruptions because of her litters. On plenty of occasions Disco didn’t want to be a team player. In other words, she was often considered to be self-employed. Unfortunately, the skills required to train such a dog seemed beyond my capabilities. The best handlers would do very well because they had obedient dogs. As a result of the standard of competition being very high, we were up against some of the best dogs and handlers in the country.

There were a few very proud moments and some respect was earned along the way. Firstly and most importantly was finishing the State Championship in Victoria in 2013. It was pretty special, considering it was a year that Victoria hosted the National Retrieving Trial Championship. Consequently, entries were high and from all over the Australia. Not only did she finish, but Disco earned the Highest Scoring Non Retrieving Trial Champion award for the event.

Overall Disco’s trialing work was one that I honor, because in 2015 she also finished another State Championship, this time in New South Wales. Placings in All Age consisted of 2 second placings (if only they had been wins, she would have been a Retrieving Trial Champion) and 3 third placings, completing a total 53 events. To earn an AARD (All Age Retrieving Dog) title you need to complete 10 All Age events.

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