Kuven Solitary Keepa NRD – Keepa

April 8, 2017 –

Keepa is an absolute delight to live with and she has a beautiful soft and gentle temperament.

Keepa was a valued breeding dog with a natural retrieving ability. She is now an adored family pet. Taken on daily walks and given all the love and attention that she deserves in her new home.

Keepa’s Pedigree

Hips 2:1 Elbows 0:0

DNA tests – ALL Negative/Clear

Keepa’s breeding career consisted of 3 litters

Kuven Archies Luckychance

June 7, 2019 –
Kuven Lincolns Lady Of Success

April 2, 2020
Kuven Kobes Crown

May 5, 2021 –
Litter One
The Archie litter consisted of 8 puppies, 1 black dog who was known as little Archie, 3 yellow dogs and 4 yellow bitches. Their sire was Nativehut Texas Jack – ‘Archie’. Fortunately, for the Kuven Labrador Retriever breeding program, Millie was placed on Breeder’s Terms. After Millie’s first litter her new family will breed on with her. They wanted to become responsible breeders so will be mentored for Millie’s next two litters.

Litter Two
This litter was sired by Fenway Lincoln (Imp UK) – ‘Lincoln’, who unfortunately passed away a few weeks after this litter was born. It consisted of 8 puppies, 4 yellow bitches, 2 black bitches, 1 black dog and 1 yellow dog that sadly we lost at day 2. A bitch puppy named Ditto was chosen to stay with her future as a breeding bitch and a career in retrieving mapped out.

Litter Three
The Kobe litter consisted of a three black girls who all went to wonderful pet homes.


Labrador Retrievers are part of the Gundog Group
and Gundogs are fun dogs 

Contact Details

Lyn Wise
Wundowie, WA, Australia
Email : [email protected]