Kuven Spirit Of The Jewel RRD – Ruby


Kuven Spirit of the Jewel – ‘Ruby’
March 12, 2014 – May 23, 2021
Ruby's Pedigree

Ruby had produced 3 litters and was my prime working dog, competing in All Age until she was tragically hit by a car. A daughter of Disco from the Spirit litter, Ruby was named after my grandmother as was Stella. She was chosen as the girl to stay because she was very much like her.

Ruby absolutely loved puppies, anybody’s puppies, and would spend hours with them being ever so tolerant. When it came to having her own she excelled at motherhood. Two days after her second litter was born, Salsa produced the Carbo litter which consisted of 9 puppies. This meant that we had 17 puppies from two litters (8 yellows and 9 blacks) at the same time. Salsa and Ruby were great and once the puppies were out and about they took care of each others as well as their own. The kids didn’t care they would just latch on to whatever milk bar was available. Although it was a lot of work and a lot of puppy poo, it was a lot of fun and a very rewarding time.

Like all my girls, Ruby’s retrieving career was interrupted with being in season and having litters. Ruby was running in All Age and had started to find some consistency in finishing. She only needed 2 more finishes to qualify for her AARD (All Age Retrieving Dog) title.

Ruby’s breeding career consisted of 3 litters.

Kuven Majesticaldream

25/03/2016 –  25/11/2020
Kuven Solitary Keepa NRD

08/04/2017 –
Kuven Baileys Irish Cream NRD
17/03/2018 –

Litter One
The Dream litter consisted of 7 puppies, 4 black dogs, 1 black bitch and 2 yellow bitches. Their sire was Kadnook Wild Dream NRD – ‘Chops’. Chobie got her name by her owners combining the names of her parents CHO from Chops and BIE from Ruby, using an ie instead of the y. Fortunately, for the Kuven Labrador Retriever breeding program, Chobie was later allowed to be bred. Resulting in many thanks and a great friendship with her lovely pet home, even though she was not originally on Breeders’ Terms.

Litter Two
This litter was sired by Kadnook Solitary Man – ‘Trapper’, and so it became the Solitary litter. It consisted of 9 puppies, including one stillborn male. There were 3 bitches and 5 dogs that all did very well. A bitch puppy named Keepa was chosen to stay with her future as a breeding bitch and a career in retrieving mapped out. Another puppy, became affectionately known as Mr Splash. He was miss marked, similar to a splash of white paint was on the top of his head. It did fade as he grew, but more importantly he has a loving home and I regularly here about him. The ‘Make A Wish’ foundation approached Kuven Labrador Retrievers to supply a female puppy from this litter. It was an honour to do so.

Litter Three
The Bailey litter consisted of a singleton. The first singleton to survive at Kuven Labrador Retrievers. Using frozen semen from Tockatunga Im In Trouble – ‘Bailey’, a dog that had produced many sound offspring that had exceptional working ability. There were many curious times through the pregnancy, because it was difficult to decide if Ruby was pregnant at all. After an x-ray was taken, the day before her due date, it confirmed that there was only one puppy on board. It also revealed that it was a large puppy. So, it was decided an elective C-Section would be the safest option of delivery, which resulted in a good outcome. Unfortunately, when the baby Bailey was about a month old, his sire passed away. Baby Bailey became ‘Paddy‘ and went to live in a wonderful working home. He was used at stud on several occasions and has now moved to Ireland. I guess this is where he is meant to be, after all he was born on St Patricks Day.

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